Around 300 people will act in Alderdi Eder (San Sebastian) on October 16 for integration

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 14 de October de 2016

Organized by the San Sebastian, Cultural European Capitality, it´s simultaneous dance performances, choral singing and live music projects San Sebastian 2016 sponsored by the Banking Fundación “la Caixa” Dance2gether and Gure erara.

Dance2gether question about the differences between the roles that are adopted in society, especially in childhood, strengthen the sense of belonging and foster collaboration through community dance.

Gure erara, an initiative that is part of Corale project is based on the principles of integration, standardization and social inclusion.

About 300 people will act in Alderdi Eder on October 16 at 17:00 in a dance and music that unites Dance2gether and Gure erara, two of San Sebastian 2016 projects that have the support of the Banking Foundation “the Caixa “.

The Dance2gether project was launched in 2014, when the lighthouse peace of San Sebastian 2016 opened a call to subsidize 10 schools in the Basque Country in which to apply the pedagogical Project 5 Days to dance (Five days for dancing) based on the premise that “If we are able to dance together, we can live together.”

In 2014 and 2015, participating schools suspended the study plan for a week to create with the dance company of loopers, composed by dancers and choreographers Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt, a basic choreography whose public presentation took place in the own schools after finishing their corresponding week of rehearsals.

On Sunday 16 will see the result of this second phase of the project and about 200 people, children and adolescents, most share the stage and choreography.

The musical side of the show will incorporate the Gure erara initiative that has been developed very closely between the Confederation of Choirs of Euskal Herria and Gautena (Guipuzcoana Association of parents affected by autism and other pervasive developmental disorders).

The idea arose four years ago to promote cultural activities that had a draft in relation to the Capitality. Working with the sectors involved so far has been to encourage, promote and plan to overcome certain fears or uncertainties, since it is a proposal that had not been addressed structurally.

On Sunday October 16 will participate in the performance of Alderdi Eder Araoz Gazte choirs, Pasaia Abesbatza taldea and German Wiesbaden choir, plus Kimu Txalaparta taldea and several instrumental groups of Pasaia Musikal. The musical project coordination has been carried out by Gorka Miranda and Josu Elberdin.

Composers who are participating in the initiative with new musical contributions are: Ainhoa Almarza, Iñigo Peña, Ion Altuna, Ixak Arruti, Josu Elberdin and Yerko Ortiz.

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