World Premiere of “Ezpondan badire” in Cambo

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 2 de May de 2016

Since 1996 the Arraga Coro, Cambo (Southern France) organizes a Festival Otxotes (choirs made up about 8 men singing).

For this year they have commissioned two specific works in order to expand the repertoire for such groups. They have asked Javier Busto and Josu Elberdin to write music for the event. Javier Busto has composed “Amodio Fidela …eta Gero?” And Josu Elberdin composed Ezpondan Badire.

These are the participating choirs:


-Eguzkilore (Donostia)

-Karnaba (Errenteria)

-Oldarra (Biarritz)


– Gaztelupe (Donostia)

– Gizonok (Iruñea)

– Ortzi (Baiona)


Choirs participating on Friday, besides singing their repertoire, premiering the work of Busto, and choirs do so on Saturday, will do the same with the song composed by Elberdin.

The concerts take place in the church of Cambo-Les Bains at 21: 15 hours of 6 and 7 May.

More info:


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