Itsasoa laino dago, Compulsory work on the International Tolosa Choral Competition

Posted by Josu Elberdin Category: Concerts

This year, 52 editions of the Prestigious Tolosa Choral Contest have been held, and although we are still in a pandemic, the contest and its competitive phase are going to be held.

The participation of 8 groups from Europe and the US is planned.

In the Folklore category, choirs with equal voices must perform, as a compulsory work, Itsasoa laino dago by Josu Elberdin. It is a harmonization written for Javier Busto and his chorus Aquam Lauda, on a well-known popular theme, in an arrangement of a melancholic and sad character.




Here world premiere performance:


The Contest will take place in Tolosa between October 29 and November 1.


More info: