IV Choral Workshop for Conductors, Children and Young singers, by the Network of School Choirs of Castilla y León

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 1 de March de 2015

The Network of School Choirs of Castilla y León has organized the IV Choral Workshop for Conductors, Children and Young singers, under the conducting of Josu Elberdin.

The workshop aims to implement a continuous education of children and adolescents as choristers and their teachers like choral conductors, as well as acquiring new methodological strategies vocal technique, rehearsing and choral conducting. Also looking to enjoy a time of fellowship with other choral groups.

Will work content as:

– Vocal Technique: Exercises / games relaxation, vocalization, impost. Voice problems.

– Technical and rehearsal strategies: learning scores, body and euritmias expression.

– The staging and the day of the concert.

– Choral Conduction: Technical and advice.

Recipients will be music teachers, choral conductors and students choristers interested in this activity.

Workshop sessions will be eminently practical, with a practical choir made up of students from School Choirs Network of Castilla y León.

The workshop will take place in the classrooms of the School of Music Arroyo, from 24 (Primary) and January 25, 2015 (Secondary).

Address: Ethnographic Center

Plaza Mayor s / n 47195

Arroyo de la encomienda (Valladolid)


– Teachers Network partner …………… 50 €*

– Teachers no partner ………………… … 70 € *

– Student practical choir ……………… .. 5 € (Session)

* Registration teacher gives option to attend workshops in primary and secondary. In case you want to attend only one of them, the partners will pay 30 € and 50 € nonmembers.

* The entry should be made in this count B_a_n_c_o_ _d_e_ _S_a_n_t_a_n_d_e_r_ _N_º _E_S_3_0_ _0_0_4_9_ _1_7_5_3_8_9_2_5_9_0_0_2_6_6_5_9_ _ et the name of Asociación Cultural Red de Coros Escolares de Castilla y León


More info: [email protected][email protected]


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