Makilakixki by Josu Elberdin, performed by Oñatiko Ganbara Txiki Abesbatza

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 11 de February de 2024
en News

The singing school of Oñatiko Ganbara Abesbatza (Oñati) launched the project “Tales of Oñati” two years ago. In these stories, they used motifs from the town’s history, its clothing, customs, and emblematic places.

As a result of the project, two musical stories have been commissioned thanks to the Choral Creation Grants from the Federation of Choirs of Gipuzkoa:

– Makilakixki (Josu Elberdin)

– Tartalo (Eva Ugalde)

In addition to commissioning the scores for concert performance, the process of recording and editing the material has begun. The result is the presentation of the book-CD Makilakixki, based on the musical story by Josu Elberdin.

This book features illustrations by Jabi Erostarbe, and a CD with the various songs from the tale, recorded by Ganbara Txiki Abesbatza, with Miel Guridi as narrator, Amaia Zipitria as pianist, and Aitori Biain as project and choir conductor.

To obtain the book and for more information, visit:

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