New entries in the catalogue

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 1 de March de 2015

We have just updated the catalogue introducing these new scores:


Equal voices:


La vía de los sueños (The way of dreams): Musical Tale for 2 children’s choir voices, piano, narrator and orchestra optional. Written on commission for Arabatxo, the Federation of choirs of Araba. Premiered in March 2014.



Ametsen bidea: Basque versión of the Musical Tale The way of dreams.


Carol of the bells: Harmonization of traditional carol written for choir 3 equal voices with divisi and piano. Commissioned by Gaudeamus Korala of Gernika and premiered at Christmas 2013


Ikusten duzu: Harmonization of the traditional theme of the Basque Country. Written for chorus 3 equal voices and division.


Mare nostrum: Collection of Mediterranean folklore themes for choir for 2 voices, piano and violin, commissioned by Basilio Astulez, conductor of Kantika Korala, and premiered at the workshop called Music from mediterranean countries, with music from around the Mediterranean Sea in Europa Cantat Junior 2014 Bergen, Norway.





Mixed voices:


Angelus: Mixed Voices version of the original work of equal voices.


Donostiyako hiru damatxo: Harmonization of the traditional theme of the Basque Country. Written for 4 voice choir and soloist.


Durangoko plateruek: Works for choir to 4 voices and divisi commissioned for the XXV anniversary of the choir Doinu zahar of Durango. Based on the Basque folklore.


Ego sum lux mundi: Works for choir to 4 vocals with divisis commissioned by the CUM (University Choir of Mendoza, Argentina), on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. Premiered in April 2014 in Mendoza, Argentina.


Juilate Deo: 3 Mixed voices and piano Version of the original work of equal voices.


Las alas de June (The wings of June): Work for choir to 4 Voices with divisis dedicated to the memory of the little June Sánchez Tolaretxipi, who, with two years old of age died of cancer. It premiered in Musikaste in May 2014.



Mare nostrum: Version 3 mixed voices, piano and violin of the original work for equal voices.


 Soleram: Work for choir to 4 Voices with divisis based on the Indonesian folklore, and commissioned by Archipelago Singers. Premiered in June 2014


Ubi caritas et amor: Work for choir to 4 Voices with divisis written for the concert tribute to Javier Busto organized by Eyes of blue. Premiered in November 2014


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