Premiere of Amalur, by Ganbara Faktoria

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 12 de September de 2018

Ganbara Faktoria, part of Oñatiko Ganbara Abesbatza, launches its new project, Euskal Mitologia, gure historia.


Based on Basque mythology, they develop a scenic musical project with stories, songs, characters, … From the hand of the Ganbara Txiki and Hots choirs, Aitor Biain, its conductor, will premiere music composed expressly for the project by various composers of the current Coral scene , being able to find works of Eva Ugalde, Junkal Guerrero, Iker González, David Azurza, Javi Busto, Xabier Sarasola or Josu Elberdin, among others. Josu Elberdin has written Amalur (Mother Earth) with a text by Josu Zubia, a work that talks about the cycle of life and the relationship of Mother Earth with us.


The concert will take place on September 21, Friday at 22:00 in the Kirrikua gardens, Oñate. Tickets are available at:


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