Premiere of Lau Herri Kanta by Illumbe and Ibaiertz Choirs

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 20 de February de 2015

Next Saturday June 2 and in acts of Musikaz Blai Music Festival organized by the Musical School  of Pasaia,  will be the Choral day .

Throughout the day will be heard performances by some 14 choirs and a Kantujira (songs made ​​by the townspeople) open to anyone who wishes to participate.

In the afternoon, the finale of that day will be owned by Illumbe and Ibaiertz,  the union of some 100 choristers who will perform under the direction of Saioa Ruiz, and Josu Elberdin  Basque traditional works and havaneres accompanied by a quartet of music composed by Isabel Mantecón, piano, Iban Gurrutxaga, guitar, Iñigo Lurgain, bass, and Xabier Goienetxea, drums. In these works we can listen to very traditional songs together with improvisations performed by the quartet.


In the concert program will premiere Lau Herri Kanta,  commissioned ​​by Illumbe Choir to Josu Elberdin  and is written by the program of aid to create coral works, promoted by the Federation of Choirs of Gipuzkoa. It consists of 4 updated traditional Basque folk songs for choir and piano: Argizari Ederra, Behin Batian Loiolan, Ume eder Bat and Atxiketan-Potxiketan-Gure Koadrilan.


The concert will take place at 20.30 hours in the square Serafin Esnaola of Trintxerpe (Pasaia)

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