Syntony of the Musikaldi 2015 by Josu Elberdin

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 13 de April de 2015

The twelfth edition of Musikaldia, the biannual festival of Basque Music Schools (EHME), will be held on May 9 in Renteria, with the slogan of TONUAN JARRI (getting in tune). The celebration, organized this year by Errenteria Musikal will bring together some 2,500 music students from around the Basque Country and the programming will be during the whole day.

For the occasion Josu Elberdin has commissioned an adaptation of a popular song of the eighteenth century, Donostiako Hiru Damatxo, and adaptation of the letter has been done by Julian Albistur of Xenpelar Bertso Eskola.

The theme has been recorded by Orereta Abesbatza, conducted by Imanol Elizasu and musically accompanied by Ana Waiter on the guitar, Javier Fernández on the piano, Abel Perona on the bass and Jesus Mari Garmendia on the drums.



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