Workshop “Choral Work of Josu Elberdin Badiola” in Canarias Canta AC

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 24 de March de 2018

The Vicerrectorado of Relations with the Society of the ULL (University of La Laguna) and the Cultural Association Canarias Canta organize a workshop of interpretation of the Choral Work of Josu Elberdin.



In this workshop the aim is to know the work of Latin American composers, from the experience of each of them. There will be four previous rehearsals with the choir teacher to balance the sound of the group and ensure that the works are learned and so, at the beginning of the workshop, the teacher works on the works already learned, taking full advantage of the details of creation and interpretation that the Composer used and want to get from the repertoire to work.


It will be held from 20 to 22 April 2018, in grade classroom Guajara Campus of the University of La Laguna.


The teacher Josu Elberdin will give a workshop with his work, offering the details and intricacies of each of his compositions, allowing to know firsthand the fascinating world of the choral composition, its protagonists, its inspiration and its enriching message for the singer and listen to his melodies.


They will be a few days of sharing, singing and enjoying among choral friends.


If you want to participate in the workshop: Check the program and register here.

If you want to attend as a listener: Check the program and register here.

Contact: +34 625 969 138 – [email protected]

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