World premiere of Antes tu alma

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 3 de July de 2018

The Stella Maris choir organizes the XI course of Choral Conducting and Interpretation coinciding with the XXX Meeting of Choirs that since year 82 has been held annually in Torre del Mar (Malaga). In this edition (July 10-14), the teachers will be: Mr. Marco Berrini, Mr. Basilio Astulez and Mr. Marco Antonio García de Paz.


This year also the Choir celebrates its XL anniversary, with which there will be a series of commemorative concerts featuring the host choir and the choirs of the invited conductors:


-On Wednesday, July 11, concert by the Stella Maris Choir.


-On Thursday July 12 concert of “El León de Oro” under the direction of Mr. Marco Antonio García de Paz.


-On Friday July 13 concert of I’Ensemble Equivoce conducted by Mr. Marco Berrini and San Juan Bautista conducted by Mr. Basilio Astulez.


To finish on Saturday 14 will have all these choral groups. In addition, the Choir of the XI Course of Conducting and Choral Interpretation will perform. As Final Act several joint works will be performed, highlighting among the repertoire the premiere of Antes tu alma,a work specially written for the choir with text by Ana Manrique and music by Josu Elberdin. Work will be rehearse during the course of Choral Direction and Interpretation and will premiere at the Saturday concert, conducted by Marco Antonio García de Paz.


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