World Premiere of Hator Lasallezale on the Centenary of San Luis La Salle

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 19 de February de 2015


The San Luis La Salle College of San Sebastián celebrates its centenary under the direction of the  La Salle Brothers.

To commemorate this important event the school has prepared a calendar of events that will be presented next September 20 at 19:00 pm in the building Contadores of the District of Bidebieta, in San Sebastian.

Among the events will be presented Hator Lasallezale, the anthem for the centenary has composed Josu Elberdin, a former student of the center and professor of music extracurricular activities today, with the text of José Manuel Crespo, school teacher. It will have to do with the school choir and special choir made ​​up of professors.

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