World Premiere of Kantauri

Artículo escrito por Josu Elberdin
el 20 de February de 2015

Next October 28, and under Iparraldea Kantuz and Euskalherria kantat  Music Festival, the Federation of choirs of  Iparralde organizes a concert of presentation of new works commissioned by the Commonwealth Southern Basque Country (Communauté des Communes du Pays Basque Sud).

The choral Kantauri premiere “Kantauri”, the work of the same name, commissioned to Josu Elberdin. It’s a score for piano and choir voices mixed with text written by Josune Lopez. The work speaks of the goodness and magic of our near and dearCantabrianSea.

Kantauri is a newly formed choir: In October 2011, responding to the call of Isabel Lácar, its conductor, a group of choristers arrived from various choirs with other choral inexperienced, create a mixed choir, Kantauri Abesbatza, which the city council of  Urruña (Urrugne) welcomes warmly. The constitution of this vocal group is based on the pursuit of a certain quality in the interpretation and the search for new repertoire of all styles and for all time.

The concert will take place on October28, inthechurchofSaint Peesur Nivelle (Saint Pee), at 18:30 h. Kantauri will be conducted by Isabel Lácar and accompanied on piano by Imanol Elizasu.

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