XXVIII Meeting of Choirs “Jose A. Hidalgo” and X Choral Conducting and Interpretation Course

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One more year, the Stella Maris Choir organizes the Course of Conducting and Choral Interpretation, coinciding with the Meeting of Choirs that since 82 is held annually in Torre del Mar (Malaga). In this edition we will have as a teacher with the conductor and composer D. Josu Elberdin Badiola.

On Thursday June 30 we will enjoy a concert by the Choral Stella Maris and Youth Choir. On Friday July 1 will have the privilege of enjoying one of the best choirs from Spain, Pasaia Abesbatza Choir (Pasaia, Gipuzkoa) under the leadership of D. Imanol Elizasu Lasa.

To end on Saturday, 2 we will count in the final concert with other choirs (also with Pasaia Abesbatza). Among them will act the Choir of the X the Course of Conducting and Choral Interpretation. As Final Act, several works will be interpreted together akk the choirs, conducted by Josu Elberdin.


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